fuel: hello my lesbian lover it is i
claus: please go
fuel: :(
claus: :/

[4:50:54 PM] paula pornstar: the homo is being very blunt today, if i say so myself 

mindofathief said: WHAT

it’s like this anon wants me to get mad 

Anonymous says: do you have a crush on anyone?

*shrugging motion, so-so hand movement, making the “eeeeeeeehhhhh” noise*

Anonymous says: nah its all about that ness/misty


first things first I’m the memest

Anonymous says: Tom and Grandad sneaking around when Huey and Jazmine started dating. Huey knows where they are instantly, but decides to fuck with them by making Jazmine a bubbling mess when he flirts with her

this is perfect
Tom is always paranoid and Grandad laughs

i have become space dandy


Me in the party: Gosh golly! This beat is… Whoo! This beat is… DANDY!


okay nesspaula shippers…..i know you like your thing but just…try this….: lucaspaula

………..and kumapaula………………..